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The Procedure | The Procedure

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Here is a brief description of what to expect once you have booked an appointment for your set of individual semi permanent eyelash extensions.

Procedure 1

  1. Our technician will first contact you for a short consultation so that we can go discuss your requirements and the look that you are after.

  2. On the day of the appointment, you will then be asked to lie down on a bed (or a reclining chair if your appointment is in Canary Wharf).

  3. We first prepare your eyes by removing any traces of make-up, everyday dirt, grease etc all of which will affect how well your semi permanent eyelash extensions will adhere to your eyelash. If you wear contact lenses, you may wish to remove them, but it is not necessary.

  4. The bottom lashes are then gently covered in order to protect them.

  5. Once you are relaxed, we then isolate each of your own lashes and carefully apply the lash extension to your own. You will feel incredibly relaxed as the procedure is not painful and you may take advantage and catch a quick nap.

  6. The procedure should take on average around 90 minutes for a full set.


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